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6 Ways To Keep Your Car’s Cabin Cool This Summer

Soaring temperatures puts more effort on your car keep things cool. Here are the best ways you can keep the car’s cabin cool during summer.

Climate change is real and the summer heat is only going to increase with each passing year. This year is no different and parts of the country have recorded the highest temperatures yet taking quite the toll on everyone. For those travelling in their cars, the vehicles manage to become the escape rooms to beat the scorching heat and that’s why it is necessary that you pay special emphasis on keeping the overall temperature inside your cabin cool. While keep your vehicle parked under shade or an enclosed area are one of the basic steps, there’s more needed to beat the rising mercury levels. Here are some of the tips to keep your cabin cool this summer.

Clean/Change The AC Filter

The best way to keep your cabin cool during the summers is to keep the air conditioning system functioning in the right way. This means periodic maintenance and repairs if needed. One of the most basic checks you need to make for your AC is the air filter unit. The dirty filter will only circulate bad quality air into the cabin, which means you not only breathe bad air, but it also lowers fuel efficiency. So, it’s important that you clean the AC filter regularly. If your car has seen some mileage, it would be advisable to change the filter as well. Now, depending on how easy or difficult it is to work on your car, the filter could be changed by you or will need to be sent to the workshop. Always remember to check your owner’s manual to see when the AC filter needs to be replaced on your vehicle.

Start The AC In Low Mode

Rushing into your car from the outdoors will mean you are all sweaty and worked up from the heat. Now, the urge is to turning on the AC on full blast as soon as you get in but that’s only bad for the occupants. Starting the AC on low speed helps keep a longer life of the system, and allow your body to slowly adapt to the changing cool temperature. Forcing your AC to run on full blast only builds pressure on the system and further lowers your fuel efficiency during the summers. It’s always advisable to start driving with all your windows open to let the hot air out of the cabin before turning on your AC.

Using the re-circulation mode helps put less effort on the AC system, improving overall efficiency

Use The Re-Circulation Mode

Once the cabin is cool enough, it will help if you turn on the re-circulation mode. This ensures that the air-conditioning system won’t suck air from the outside and then cool it. Instead, it will re-use the air in the cabin, which requires lesser effort on the system to keep the overall temperature low.

Turn Off The AC

As a thumb rule, make sure that you turn off the AC before switching off the engine. That said, keep the fan running though, which puts out dry air in the cabin and helps evaporate mildew that may have accumulated. The process ensures there is no moss or bacteria build up inside the cabin, especially in areas that may be hard to reach. Also, the fan is likely to circulate cool air for a few minutes after the AC is turned off, which only helps in achieving higher efficiency.

Top up the coolant and refrigerant level in your car ahead of the summer season

Check On Fluids

Timely checks and parts replacement not only help minimise larger repair costs, but also help reduce the load on the AC unit. Make sure to service your car and the AC unit before the start of summers to have a smooth functioning system over the next few months. Check on the car’s coolant levels too and the refrigerant in the system that may need to replaced. Remember to keep water bottles handy in the cabin not only for drinking but also to top up the vehicle if need. Keeping some coolant in the boot is also a good idea, given soaring temperatures.

Tesla cars come with the Dog Mode feature. Yours doesn’t

Don’t Leave Children or Pets In The Vehicle

Parking your car out in the sun can raise temperatures inside the cabin to 47 degrees, and there have been incidents where leaving children or pets unattended in the car have resulted in fatalities. Ideally, do not leave anyone in a vehicle, even it is for a short period. Should you have to, make sure to keep the window cracked and turn on the fan or AC.


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